Tuesday 30 October 2007
Everyman, Cheltenham

Terms of Endearment

LINDA GRAY is feisty widow Aurora Greenaway in this new play based on the novel and Oscar-winning film of the same name

Linda Gray

Delightful, funny, endearing, TERMS OF ENDEARMENT explores the love-hate-love relationship between Aurora, devoted but opinionated mother and her often pregnant and always headstrong daughter, Emma.

As Aurora struggles to impose order on her wayward daughter’s chaotic life she finds her own taking an unexpectedly thrilling turn: she falls deeply in love for the first time in her life. Alas, Garrett, once an astronaut now a full time philanderer, seems to be as much a cad as her daughter’s husband. Only when tragedy strikes the family is he revealed as a man with a heart of gold.

Hollywood star Linda Gray won international fame and critical acclaim with her portrayal of Sue Ellen in the legendary television phenomenon Dallas. She most recently starred as Mrs Robinson in The Graduate both in the West End and on Broadway.