Tuesday 22 January 2008
Theatre Royal, Bath

The Vortex

Directed by Peter Hall, The Vortex stars stage and television icon Felicity Kendal and those of you who saw her in Fallen Angels with us a few years ago will know we are in for a special evening.

Felicity Kendal

She plays Florence Lancaster, a glamorous socialite in the sensational play that launched Noel Coward onto the London theatre scene in 1924.

Felicity Kendal is renowned for television roles in The Good Life and Rosemary and Thyme but her stage career is equally illustrious.

As ever, Peter Hall has assembled a fine cast including Annette Badland who was so brilliant in Habeas Corpus which we saw in 2006 and has also had many television roles.

"The wit comes with a real sting":
Evening Standard
"This was the play that swept Coward to both fame and notoriety and he never attempted anything quite so remarkable again":
Daily Telegraph