Saturday 20 May 2006
Festival Theatre, Malvern

The Safari Party

Christopher Timothy

By Tim Firth.
Directed by David Taylor.
Starring Christopher Timothy, Jack Ryder and Sara Crowe.

From the award-winning writer of the hit film, Calendar Girls, the stage success, Neville’s Island, the musical, Our House and the TV series, All Quiet On The Preston Front, comes The Safari Party, a deliciously perceptive farce about the conflict between urban perceptions and the reality of the rural idyll.

Set in the Cheshire countryside, a world of barn conversions and the heritage industry where three households are holding a "safari party" - a dinner party, where the guests move from house to house for each course. However, as well as sharing the meal, the guests – farmer’s boys, Daniel and Adam, antiques dealer, Inga and snobbish, upwardly mobile townies, Lol and Esther – have each shared ownership of a certain table. As the evening progresses, some shocking layers of truth and deception are revealed about how car boot sale bargains can mysteriously become exclusive antiques.