Tuesday 19 September 2006
Everyman, Cheltenham

Bedroom Farce

Bedroom Farce

By Alan Ayckbourn, starring Judy Cornwell, Stephen Beckett, Clare Buckfield & Geoffrey Davies

Alan Ayckbourn is one of Britainís foremost contemporary playwrights, whose enormous volume of work includes some of the most popular plays ever written.

After Earnest and Delia have a disastrous celebration dinner for their wedding anniversary they return home to prepare pilchards on toast in bed instead. Malcolm and Kate are preparing a house-warming party: Nick and Jan have been invited to this but Nick has hurt his back and prepares to rest quietly in bed.

All three preparations are doomed, however, to disaster by the marital problems of Trevor(son of Ernest and Delia) and his wife, who descend on each couple in turn leaving chaos in their wake, finally taking over the bedroom (and bed) of the long-suffering Malcolm and Kate. The three bedrooms are presented simultaneously on stage and the action flows from one to another during this hectic night.