Wednesday 18 October 2006
Everyman, Cheltenham

French Lieutenant's Woman

French Lieutenant's Woman

By John Fowles.
Adapted by Mark Healy

He was lost from the moment he saw her

‘Mystery and unknowing is why we are alive – it is an energy’ John Fowles

An extraordinary theatrical experience, The French Lieutenant’s Woman is a timeless story of forbidden love, temptation and the fight for personal freedom. Regarded as one of the greatest novels of the twentieth century, now, for the first time it is brought to the British stage.

The year is 1867. The cloaked figure of a young woman stands alone at the end of a sea rampart; her back turned against the harsh Victorian society that judges her. In the search to discover the truth about her, Charles Smithson propels himself into dangerous waters and must risk everything he has.

‘She wants to be a sacrificial victim. Where you and I flinch back, she leaps forward. She is possessed you see. Dark indeed. Very dark.’