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16 November 2017 - The Wipers Times - Everyman, Cheltenham

By Ian Hislop and Nick Newman,
coming to Cheltenham direct from the West End.

The Wipers Times

Ian Hislop and Nick Newman's The Wipers Times tells the true and extraordinary story of the satirical newspaper created in the mud and mayhem of the Somme. In a bombed out building in the Belgian town of Ypres during WWI, two officers discover a printing press and create a newspaper for the troops. Far from being a sombre journal about life in the trenches, they produced a resolutely cheerful, subversive and very funny newspaper designed to lift the spirits of the men in the front line. Defying enemy bombardment, gas attacks and the disapproval of many of the Top Brass, the Wipers Times rolled off the press for two years and was an extraordinary tribute to the resilience of the human spirit in face of overwhelming adversity.