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9 March 2017 - La Strada - Everyman, Cheltenham

La Strada

Based on the subject and script work of Federico Fellini
Produced by The Belgrade Theatre Coventry

Federico Fellini's La Strada (The Road) is one of the true masterpieces of modern cinema winning the Academy award in 1957 for the movie starring Antony Quinn. This visually stunning new stage adaptation directed by Sally Cookson (Jane Eyre, National Theatre and BOV) boasts a beautiful score performed live by a multi-talented cast. The story of wide-eyed Gelsomina who is sold by her penniless mother to Zampano, a travelling sideshow strongman, unfolds as they journey through the Italian countryside performing for their keep. Their perilous road trip involves many adventures and encounters. In this much anticipated new stage production, Fellini's deeply impassioned story is sure to stir the soul.