Tuesday 2 October 2012
Everyman, Cheltenham

A Government Inspector

Adapted by Deborah McAndrew from the original play by Nikolai Gogol.

“Where there’s muck there’s brass”
…and this hysterically funny tale of misdeeds, misadventure and mistaken identity has plenty of both. In a small Pennine town a flashy young stranger is mistaken for the Government Inspector. The Town’s unscrupulous Councillors, fearing discovery of their corrupt goings-on, do all they can to ingratiate themselves. Bribes, backhanders and brown envelopes abound and the stranger, who has an eye for a quick buck, takes full advantage with hilarious results.

Who better to breathe life and vigour into this barmy story than Northern Broadsides, one of the country’s finest and best-loved touring theatre companies.

A Government Inspector

If you like your humour broad, your references topical, your heart warmed and your “brass” live, look no further than this wonderful play. Absurdly funny, clever and strangely familiar, you’ll never trust your local authority again – if you ever did that is!!