Thornbury 2050: Welcome

Remember to follow us.  Go to our blog Thornbury 2050 to follow our latest thoughts on a wide range of issues related to development of the community of Thornbury. Add your comments to the debate. We aim to be the grit in the oyster and hope to stimulate debate about the sort of Thornbury that we would all be proud to leave for future generations.

Who are we? Thornbury 2050 is a think tank founded on 1st January 2012 as a New Year's resolution by a small group of Thornbury folk who don't want the town to be trapped in a 20th Century timewarp. We want to leave a rich legacy to future generations in which the best of the past is preserved and the opportunities of the present are fully exploited to the benefits of our present and future communities.

Why are we doing this? Debate on the development of a community is frequently based on passionate assertion of personal belief rather than facts. Both sides of any debate inevitably select the evidence most favourable to their case. BANANAs (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody) are well-organised and vociferous. Those members of the community who are in favour of change are poorly organised and less willing to express their views. Both sides are entitled to express their views and to hear the facts. We have selected 2050 as our focus because it is far enough into the future to see decisions in the light of the legacy that we will leave.

Thornbury 2050 is about presenting both sides of the story, about facts rather than assertions and, most importantly, about reaching the right balance between our heritage, our present and our legacy to future generations.

What studies have we done?  Studies are posted on the blog in stages and collated by topic on this site. Resources used on this site are accessible via links to other websites. They are not comprehensive and we will gradually add to them. If we have missed anything important just email us with details.

Thornbury past ........................... Thornbury future?