Severn Gallery

Gathering all my activities into one site where I can add more recent studies.

Thornbury 2050

Here are my thoughts on everything that will affect Thornbury up to 2050. What will the town look like? Will the shopping centre have been revitalised? What are the prospects for energy production? Will fracking come to the Severn Valley or the nuclear plant at Oldbury be built? Will global warming begin encroaching on the communities living along the Severn? And how will our infrastructure have developed to meet our needs for transport, health care and housing?

Severn Silks

Pointers to simply everything you need to know about a very relaxing pastime.

Thornbury Theatregoers archive

Thornbury Theatregoers lives on so visit their site if you're interested in knowing about their current programme.

Visit the archive if you want to see the shows they visited in their first 20 years.